Welcome to Pawz and Relax Pet Spa

Pawz and Relax Pet Spa Is a pet grooming salon in the Penrith suburb of

Jordan Springs

Your local Fully qualified Pet groomer 

We began as a mobile service in 2009 called “Groomin’ On The Go” but in 2013 decided to open a home salon to allow us to offer more services and appointment times to our clients.

Pawz and Relax offers both cat and dog grooming services, including spa treatments so you can pamper your pets.

We specialise in a comprehensive range of grooming services for dogs and cats including:

  1.    Grooming and coat styling

  2.    Advice on coat care and skin problems

  3.    Parasite infection control 

Carissa Moffatt, owner and head groomer of Pawz and Relax Pet Spa has trained under Jodie Graham a certified master groomer and attends grooming seminars regularly to keep informed on modern grooming techniques. Carissa is a fully qualified pet stylist and holds a certificate 4 in pet grooming she is also a qualified veterinary nurse.

Dog Grooming 

Services for dogs by Pawz and Relax include nail trimming, short and long clips, breed clips, mud baths, paw soaks and de-shedding.

Cat Grooming

Most cats do not require sedation for grooming, We have a large amount of success clipping cats without sedation and we feel it is better for the cat in the long run